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CH Alpha is just a simple idea. The issue noted with Glucosamine & Chondroitin is their large molecular size. The German Multinational Gelita Health GmBH took collagen, that forms majority of joint cartilage, and broke it down to raw materials from about 300 Kilo Daltons Molecular weight to about 3.3 Kilo Daltons. This small size enables it to absorb well and research shows that in one month about 50% people can tell a postive difference while in 3 months about 75% people can tell a postive difference. Gotz study showed that of the 75% reporting improvement, 45% were symptom free at 3 months. Cartilage dosen’t break down in a month, it generally takes decades to break down, so buildup logically takes time. 75% reporting improvement in 3 months is a testament to its success. Tufts & Harvard affiliated medical facilities research study & Fernandez study shows how the cartilage becomes healthier and actually thickens with regular use.

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  • For Women
  • For Overweight and Sedentary Individuals
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How it Works?

CH Alpha the best cartilage regeneration formula for you!

When you take CH-ALPHA, Bioactive Collagen Peptides® are absorbed through the intestines easily due to their small size. Then pass into the bloodstream in the form of amino acids. From there, the Bioactive Collagen Peptides accumulate in joints.

Joints act like shock absorbers and cannot function properly if the cartilage is wearing away. That leads to grinding that wears them out faster and causes pain when reaching a certain degree of wear and tear. The Bioactive Collagen Peptides/Collagen Hydrolysate (CH) your body absorbs from CH-Alpha promote thickening of joint cartilage, which leads to healthier or less painful joints over time in majority of users according to research. More cartilage usually means healthier less painful joints.

You should continue taking CH-ALPHA even after your pain and CJS improve. Chronic joint symptoms (CJS)/pain will likely return sooner or later if you discontinue usage.

What is CH-ALPHA®?

CH-ALPHA contains its Bioactive Collagen Hydrolysate (CH) that is backed by a US Patent, a unique collection of peptides and amino acids, which are necessary for joint health. CH-Alpha is a natural product with an amino acid composition that is nearly identical to the collagen found in the extracellular matrix of the joints in the body. CH is proven to stimulate Chondrocyte cartilage cells, which are responsible for the maintenance of cartilage health. Studies have shown that it increases the concentration of collagen and proteoglycans through the effect it has on these chondrocyte cells.

CH-Alpha has been developed to help people with chronic joint symptoms (CJS) / Osteoarthritis improve their flexibility and joint pain from osteoarthritis related cartilage wear & tear. Our revolutionary Bioactive Collagen Peptide® formula is scientifically proven to improve cartilage health/thickness and joint pain symptoms from osteoarthritis in just 2 to 3 months without significant drug interactions or side effects. And, CH-ALPHA is backed by a US Patent. A truly unique joint health supplement.

What is it Made of?

Ingredients Vials:

Water, collagen hydrolysate (made in Germany. A product backed by a U.S. patent), fructose, acidulants (citric acid), color (malt extract), vitamin C, preservative (potassium sorbate), flavor, sweeteners (acesulfame-K and sucralose).

Instructions for Use

Shake the vial before drinking the contents. There is no need to dilute. Slight color changes of the liquid may occur; however, these have no effect on the effectiveness of the product. Overdosing has no determined side effect and does not increase the benefits of CH-ALPHA. We do not recommend overdosing.

Is CH-Alpha® for You?

Chronic joint symptoms (CJS) develop from the significant changes our joints undergo as we age, exercise and engage in everyday activities. These changes can lead to chronic joint symptoms such as discomfort, aching, stiffness, loss of flexibility and swelling in and around a joint.

Q: Is CH-Alpha® safe? Does it have side effects?

A: Side effects are uncommon, but can include, in rare cases, flatulence or diarrhea. It is important to note that in clinical studies, these same side effects also occurred in patients taking a placebo product. CH-Alpha is non-allergenic and cholesterol-free. According to medical studies, there are no known interactions with other medications or foods.

Q: When should I take CH-Alpha®?

A: CH-Alpha should be taken once daily at any time of the day with or without meals.

Q: How long should I take CH-Alpha®?

A: Drink one vial containing CH-Alpha daily. In clinical studies, participants experienced increased flexibility and reduced stiffness and pain after just 2 to 3 months of use. You should continue taking CH-Alpha even after your CJS and osteoarthritis pain improves. Chronic joint symptoms (CJS) will likely return in variable time if you discontinue therapy.

Q: What is CH-Alpha®'s active ingredient?

A: The active ingredient in CH-Alpha is the specifically designed Collagen Hydrolysate® that’s backed by s US Patent. In clinical studies, this safe and natural supplement has been proven to be beneficial in rebuilding cartilage by increasing its thickness/volume. CH-Alpha is backed by a U.S. patent. Its a truly unique supplement. How often is a supplement backed by a Patent, literally never to rare.

Q: What is cartilage?

A: Cartilage covers all your joints and protects your bones from rubbing together, which can cause chronic joint symptoms (CJS) such as stiffness and pain. Joint cartilage is comprised mostly of a matrix of collagen and proteoglycans that gives joints the protection and strength they need to perform without loss of flexibility and stiffness. Joint cartilage does not contain blood vessels or nerves, which makes it slow to heal or grow. However, joint cartilage is an active, growing tissue that needs continuous regeneration to give the protection and strength joints require to perform without stiffness. CH-Alpha targets these areas and works to regenerate cartilage.

Q: How prevalent are chronic joint symptoms (CJS)?

A: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CJS are America’s leading cause of disability in people aged 18 and older, ultimately affecting about 70 million people. This number is likely to climb significantly in the future, as the population over 50 is expected to double by 2020.

Q: Do I need a prescription for CH-Alpha®?

A: No, CH-Alpha is an over-the-counter joint supplement and does not require a prescription. You can order CH-Alpha through this website simply by clicking on the “Buy CH-Alpha online now” link below. CH-Alpha is also available at other major drugstores.

Q: Will my insurance cover the purchase of CH-Alpha®?

A: Probably not. Most U.S. insurance companies typically do not cover the cost of joint supplements.

Q: Where can I purchase CH-Alpha®?

A: CH-Alpha is available right here through this website.

Q: How do I take CH-Alpha®?

A: One single-use vial of CH-Alpha contains about 10 grams of Bioactive Collagen Peptides. You should drink 1 vial per day to promote cartilage health & thickness. Studies have shown that this is a reasonable dose. CH-Alpha can be taken with or without food, and may be mixed with other beverages, such as orange or grapefruit juices.

Q: Who makes CH-Alpha®?

A: CH-Alpha is manufactured by GELITA Health GmbH in Germany following strict manufacturing guidelines and patented methodology.

Q: What scientific information is available?

A: Go here to read all about it.

Q: What if I have questions?

A: Please ask us any questions you have about CH-Alpha that were not addressed here. Go to the “Ask Us a Question” form below. Just type in your question and click “Ask the Expert.” You will get a response from us soon.

Q: What else can be done to improve joint health?

A: For some, additional changes in lifestyle may be necessary to improve joint comfort. The National Institutes of Health recommends these and other steps: Weight control Exercise (such as stretching, walking and yoga) Non-drug pain relief (such as ice and heat)

More about CH-ALPHA?

“CH-Alpha gives me the ability to take the stairs and long walks.”

EP, female, 27 years old Pittsburgh, PA

Testimomonials of CH-ALPHA Users

Francis’s Testimonial After Using CH-Alpha

Francis Feeling GRRrrrreat on CH Alpha. Totally Better Lower Back, Knee, and Elbow Pain. Highly Highly Highly Recommends CH Alpha. See Research at Penn State University by US Olympic Committee (USOC) Consultant Dr. Kristine Clark on Athletes. See Flechsenhar study on Olympic Training Center Athletes.

Evangeline’s Testimonial After Using CH-Alpha

Evangeline Avoided Hip Replacement Surgery with CH Alpha. Shoulder, Hand Joints, Knees Much Better. Daily Bad Headaches from Crunching Neck Improved from 7 days weekly to 1-2 days in few months to now rare. See Research at Rippe Lifestyle Institute for Knee Pain improvement.

Barbara’s Testimonial After Using CH-Alpha

Barbara very Happy with CH Alpha. Works out now. Back pain Much Better. Very Happy with general body & Lower Back Pain Improvement with CH Alpha, the revolutionary German Joint Cartilage Health Supplement that is sold in 5 continents.

Betsy’s Testimonial After Using CH-Alpha

Betsy with Auto Accident Neck, Back Hip & Leg Pains says within 2 months, Pain improved 40% and Quality of Life 50-70%. Stopped Aleve. Recommends CH Alpha for her Auto Accident Injury Pain. See Fernandez Study on Spanish Basketball League Athletes & Mountain Bike Athletes. In 6 months about 14% Increase Thickness of Knee & Shoulder Joint Cartilage was noted with.

Tracy’s Testimonial After Using CH-Alpha

Tracy using CH Alpha feels Better in Many Joints. Didn’t see Orthopedics for Knee Osteo-arthritic pain as CH Alpha helped a lot. Walks now. Can do more. Recommends it highly. CH Alpha is Sold in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, South America & North America and is MANUFACTURED in Germany under Strict Quality Control by the Multinational Gelita Health GmbH with a Team of Researchers using bringing together Latest Advances in Joint Collagen Research.

CH Alpha Testimonial

Voluntary unpaid testimonial. Thickens Cartilage. German Revolutionary Joint Cartilage Supplement Tested at Olympic Center Rehin-Rhur & TIfts & Harvard Affiliated Hospitals

CH Alpha Testimonial

CH Alpha Joint Cartilage Supplement for Athletes & Osteoarthritis. Unpaid voluntary Testimonial.

CH Alpha Testimonial

CH Alpha unpaid voluntary Testimonial.

Women should be especially aware of CJS risk factors that may affect them!

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